“We are happier, and we have a much more balanced and healthy relationship. I can truly say that Hayden saved our marriage because I don’t think we could have reached this point without his help. “

  • MS

“After my time with Hayden I am more assured and confident. I’m living the life I want. I’m a positive influence in the relationships that are important to me.”

  • DB

“He helped me by offering astute observations–kind when needed, honest and straightforward when needed, clear and helpful always–and by creating an environment that allowed me to look inward much more clearly, and discover and work through and address things I wanted to address.”

  • BG

“I’ve been seeing Hayden for a year now, and because of the work he and I have done together I now live the life I want to lead. I was having MANY issues and struggling just to function day to day, but because of the tools and insight Hayden has given me, I am now very fulfilled, strong and stable and look forward to each day! Hayden has never made me feel judged or pushed me into lifestyle changes I didn’t want to pursue, but he helped me realize what I really wanted from my life, the value of myself, and who my true self really is. I am so thankful to have been referred to him and hope anyone who is considering therapy reaches out to him. You’ll be happy you did!”

  • FC

“He has a way of helping you see what is really going on with your life without all the filters you put on it to see it the way you want.”

  • JY

“He is deeply calm and compassionate. I would call him meticulous in his endeavors to make himself and his office feel safe.”

  • GL

“He cares, tremendously, and it shows.”

  • AP

“If you are looking for someone who can objectively give you guidance and, at the same time, be caring and nurturing, do not look any further. You will be in great hands.”

  • BT

“Absolute Life Changer. I never understood the value of a great therapist until I met Hayden. I had been to a couple of other therapists in the past for a short duration, with little or no longstanding benefits. That all changed when my wife and I started to go to Hayden for couples counseling. Still skeptical, I soon realized the incredible benefits of psychotherapy. Through individual and couples sessions, Hayden began to help my wife and I understand each other and ourselves better than we ever could of done without him. Immediately we began to apply principals he taught us, with amazing results. We are so lucky to have had his guidance and knowledge to be better partners and people.”

  • RF

“My fiance and I went to Hayden for premarital counseling and I can’t tell you how helpful he is. He really hones in on your issues and finds out ways for couples to compromise with each other. He offers great exercises to practice at home and each session taught us something new about each other. I would strongly recommend seeking Hayden’s advice prior to a wedding as there are so many stressors that having a 3rd party can help ease.”

  • GG

“He’s helped to add practical support and structure to so much that I have been through, and is diverse in somatic interventions so there is always much to explore with him, and within. Getting to know him, just enough to connect and heal, through his humor and presence has been a special gift in my life.”

  • TP

“While very soft, kind and gentle he wasn’t a hand holder in that he didn’t coddle. But was soft and gentle when you needed it. Firm and strong and strong when you needed it.”

  • YA

“I have been to a few therapists and have really liked them all, but Hayden has been the most effective of any I have seen. I highly recommend him.”

  • CH

“I have found him to be insightful, caring, knowledgeable, and helpful. I think he is very good at creating and maintaining a nonjudgmental space where you can analyze your issues and see them for what they are, and not just how they are making you feel. I have referred one friend, and will continue to do so. I have been to a few other therapists and find him to possess a greater talent and ability to help you understand yourself, and to work through the issues you have. He has helped me reach breakthroughs with things I have struggled with my whole life, and I am so grateful for that.”

  • CT

“But Hayden does a little more than just listen. His techniques don’t seem obvious to me, yet he is so unlike any therapist I’ve ever had. He manage to help me to discover my old patterns, and through understanding them, break beyond them. It’s a process, which take a little time and effort, but I usually feel good by the end of each visit and friends and family have even noted that I’ve somehow grown noticeably. I attribute a lot of that to my visits with Hayden.”

  • MM

“Hayden is not your typical therapist. He creates a safe space, where you can be yourself. He asks pertinent questions, and gives thoughtful answers. He actively listens, keeps you focused, and through his profound sense of compassion, helps you make actual progress. By paying attention to both the physical and emotional, he showed me a connection to my body that I didn’t know existed. Now I know how to trust its signals, and use healthy habits to avoid the cycles of depressive thinking. Actual tools, actual change.”

  • DB

“Since I started seeing Hayden in 2014, I have been able to gain control of my life and continually strive to better myself mentally because of the tools that Hayden has given me. I recommend Hayden to anyone seeking to improve their life through therapy as he has been such a blessing in my life- my only regret is that I did not find him sooner. All of my friends continually comment on how much I have grown over the past year and that I must have a great therapist- I do and I hope you decide to go to Hayden too!”

  • JJ

“…he’s been affirming, empowering, honest, and challenging, never telling me only what I want to hear, nor dispensing tough love for its own sake; and the whole while, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and understanding about human nature, brimming with tools and resources.”

  • AP

“Caring – Compassionate – Highly Intelligent-Mindful. With a comprehensive innovative approach that I’ve never seen before. It’s cool and not as ouchy as working through issues can be with others with more traditional leanings.”

  • YA

“Hayden is an intelligent, skilled, and compassionate therapist. I enjoy my appointments with him, and always walk away feeling able to handle the situations in my life better than when I went in for the appointment.”

  • CH

“Not only did I end up growing, learning and changing more than I did with all previous years of therapy and self-help, but my husband and I were and still are communicating much, much better.”

  • YM

“Hayden had incredibly concrete suggestions to help with my issues, as well as ways to change my mindset that have opened up a whole new life for me. I can’t say enough about how helpful he has been. I would highly encourage anyone who has felt other therapy did not give enough real-life, enactable solutions and suggestions to give him a try!”

  • LM

Quotes taken from reviews left on third party website.