About Hayden

I am committed to working with my clients to facilitate self-awareness which will allow them to make choices that are healthy, empowering and aid them in developing a greater sense of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives. I offer individual psychotherapy as well as couples counseling and premarital counseling to deal with major life transitions, depression, anxiety, sexual issues, relationship difficulties, trauma and grief.

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“After my time with Hayden I am more assured and confident. I’m living the life I want. I’m a positive influence in the relationships that are important to me.”DB

“We are happier, and we have a much more balanced and healthy relationship. I can truly say that Hayden saved our marriage because I don’t think we could have reached this point without his help. “

Services Offered

  • Connector.

    Counseling for Individuals

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    Relationship Counseling

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    Premarital Counseling