Counseling for Individuals
Individual Psychotherapy is a tremendous resource for healing, self knowledge and growth.  At some point we all feel stuck. This can look like depression, anxiety, grief, apathy, trauma, compulsiveness, unhealthy relationship patterns, difficulty regulating emotions, or feeling bogged down during a major transition or change. It might simply look like a desire for greater happiness and fulfillment in your life. Individual counseling can be instrumental in moving through difficult transitions to a place of feeling capable and powerful in your life. Taking on these issues and grappling with them provides an opportunity to transition in to a more engaging, powerful and rewarding relationship with your life.

Relationship Counseling
Our closest relationships are our most rewarding and, sometimes, our most challenging relationships to navigate. In our relationship counseling sessions we will focus on developing clearer more effective communication, learning to manage and resolve conflict in a way that benefits each of you and the relationship and using points of tension in your relationship as opportunities to grow as individuals and create deeper intimacy and a stronger, more rewarding relationship.

I encourage couples to consider therapy not just as a “last resort,” but as a chance to grow and explore together when some problems arise. Doing this may not only help resolve issues, but also create more commitment and intimacy. Small issues may develop into opportunities for greater closeness and growth, rather than quietly growing into larger problems.

When relationship issues cannot be resolved. When couples decide to go their separate ways I work with them to help navigate this difficult period with more compassion, grace, and ease, maximizing the potential for each partner to heal and find meaning in the process.

I have expertise working with relationships of all kinds, including same sex relationships, polyamorous relationships and cross-cultural relationships.

Some issues that I can help with are:

improving communication, especially around sensitive topics
navigating intimacy, closeness, and trust
family issues and parenting
anger and conflict
sexual issues
life transitions
commitment and infidelity
entrenched patterns
loss of connection

Working through issues together with the support of a therapist can bring about powerful change and healing, and often brings a renewed level of commitment, passion, and love into a relationship.

Sex Therapy
As a Certified Sex Therapist, I offer sex therapy to clients seeking to enhance their sex lives, understand and develop their sexuality or who are trying to deal with sexual issues. In my practice I work with clients to develop engaged, pleasurable and fulfilling sex lives that work for them. My practice is LGBTQ+, poly and kink aware and friendly.

I also work with clients in dealing with sexual issues including:

  • Out of control sexual behavior (also known as “sex addiction”)
  • Aging related sexual issues
  • Infidelity
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Sexual pain
  • Hyper and hypo-active sex drive
  • Mismatch of desire
  • Issues specific to sexual orientation and/or gender
  • Issues specific to poly or open relationships
  • Issues specific to kink

Expressing ourselves and connecting with others sexually and sensually in a way that works for us is an incredibly important part of our finding fulfillment as individuals and satisfaction in our relationships. If you are interested in exploring this area in either individual or relationship therapy, I will be happy to assist you.

Premarital Counseling
Considering marriage, engaged, or recently married?

Congratulations on your choice to commit to a deep lasting relationship with someone you love. This is an exciting, important time that you will remember throughout your life. This is a time in your relationship when conscious reflection and emotional honesty can reap great rewards and potentially save you unnecessary suffering. Often the time and energy it takes to plan a wedding eclipses the much more important task of preparing for your marriage and spending the rest of your lives together. Preparing to spend your lives together is the purpose of premarital counseling.

Now is the time to:

  • Develop communication skills and conflict resolution skills that will help you support each other in good times and bad.
  • Discuss expectations you and your partner have about commitment.
  • Deal with issues around money and intimacy.
  • Marriage will challenge you to deal with these important areas of your life.
  • Connect with and strengthen your individual and shared values and aspirations.
  • Face whatever obstacles exist in your relationship while they are still relatively easy.

I offer a package of 6 ninety minute premarital counseling sessions focused on helping newlyweds navigate the challenging but rewarding terrain of building a life together as a couple.