Orientations, approaches and bodies of knowledge that I use in my work.

Somatic Psychotherapy
Somatic Modalities (Body Centered Psychotherapy) work with bodily sensations and emotions and incorporating them in to our work through awareness and through movement. My approach to healing reflects my view of the body and mind as a dynamic integrated organic system in constant relationship with its environment. Working with the body in psychotherapy opens up a wealth of options for understanding, experiencing and healing. My work is informed by many different somatic approaches and methods for engaging the body as part of the psychotherapeutic process including Hakomi Method, Bioenergetic Analysis, Trauma Release Exercises, Reichian Psychoanalytic Technique, Authentic Movement, Sensory Awareness and Somatic Experiencing.

Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology is an approach to therapy that focuses on happiness, wellbeing and human flourishing. Positive Psychology works with our strengths to create that which we desire rather than by focusing on what we perceive as deficits and problems. My work is infused with this basic orientation. I find that what is most useful for moving us through areas of stuckness and pain is focusing on creating a life of enjoyment, engagement and purpose.

Existential Humanistic Psychotherapy
Existential Humanistic Psychotherapy has its roots in Existential Philosophy and is concerned with mortality, freedom & responsibility, isolation and meaning. Much of my work is focused on the meaning that my clients create in their lives, their relationship with that for which they are responsible and how this relates to the power and freedom they experience in their lives.